About Me



I’ve always been obsessed with that moment of inspiration, when an impression migrates from an ambiguous notion to something more concrete. In my design, writing and photography I am interested in capturing that instant.


The arrival of the iPhone created a personal device which was always in hand; it opened a door in me and I became far more conscious and curious of my surroundings.  As a result, my photography took on a new energy. No longer worried about bringing my camera along on my daily travels, my camera was my phone, my computer, my stereo. In an instant it was out and directed at some space, some impression, some shadow, swath of color catching my attention. My photography thru the iPhone also evolved due to the vast library of Photography Applications. The drive to capture something is always a vague ambiguous impression, so with the insertion of the application process I’ve been able to push the captured imagery back into that ambiguous state. Beyond mere documentation, the altered imagery moves from factual to a more poetic fiction. The world each day is a new canvas awaiting the eye; to make the familiar strange.


Adam Mead