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About Me


Born and raised on the 3rd coast, that expansive & elusive landscape, has always had a gravitational hold on me. Creatively, I am obsessed with the moment of inspiration, when an impression migrates from an ambiguous notion to something more concrete. In my design, writing and photography I am interested in carving out and capturing that instant. Making the familiar, strange, finding, reorienting the impression of place – an attempt to see the world beyond something to be documented, rather, to be chased and corralled, ever fleetingly, for a moment, settled, and held as a gift. In my photography, specifically, I am interested in boundaries, intersections, and where transitions take place. Taking the captured image and  plying the factual image away towards a more fluid impression, a reflection of my human self, transposed onto the landscape beyond, be it natural or man-made.


Adam Mead


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